Some of our victories!

TFP Student Action is part of a broad international network of associations in defense of Tradition, Family and Private Property. First and foremost thanks to God, but also the efforts of volunteers, supporters and donors, we have won many victories for the cause of Christianity. Here we list a few examples:

"Church" of Lucifer CLOSED

February 2017

The outcome of the protest was unknown when Catholics gathered to oppose the opening of a "Church" of Lucifer in Old Town Spring, Texas. This prayer protest was held in 2015. Today, two years later, the prayers of so many believers were answered.

See: Victory: “Church” of Lucifer CLOSED Down.

Blasphemous theater goes bankrupt

May 2017

A campaign was organized in São Paulo, Brazil against the blasphemous play Jesus Christ Superstar. We campaigned in front of the theater and online for several weeks. The theater production was so unsuccessful that the company gave up on a second play they had in mind. In addition, the Jesus Christ Superstar tour scheduled for 50 cities in the United States was canceled. According to the journalist of the largest Brazilian newspaper, this was due to the action of the TFP (Folha de S. Paulo 27/6/14).

Satanic Black Mass canceled at Harvard University

May 2014

Victory: What few people even thought possible happened: The "satanic black mass" at Harvard University was unexpectedly canceled on May 12. A serious sacrilege was averted. Lucifer lost, again. God won. TFP Student Action was on the front lines with other Catholic Harvard students opposing this attack on God. Read more here.

Freshman vindicated after unjustified suspension

October, 2011

The Fort Worth Independent School District has sent a letter to Liberty Counsel in which it fully agrees with the boy Dakota Ary, who was suspended for being against homosexuality. The District's letter apologized and stated that "Dakota has the right to express an opinion in a manner consistent with the law and policy."

Victory: Shortly after the incident, TFP Student Action launched a petition urging Western Hills High School to fully clear Dakota Ary's criminal record. Soon, more than 7,500 people contacted the school with their protests and concerns. The petition was instrumental in clearing the boy's criminal record.

God's marriage wins in three states in USA

September-october 2008

TFP Student Action volunteers traveled up and down California, Arizona and Florida to promote God's marriage. despite being attacked ten times by pro-homosexual advocates, the determination of TFP members was not diminished. From campus to campus, city to city, the 37-day tour included Berkeley and Hollywood. Thousands of flyers in favor of traditional marriage were distributed to explain why homosexual "marriage" is harmful to society and must be opposed.

Victory: Overcoming incredible obstacles, pro-family Americans in California, Arizona and Florida successfully voted on November 4 to protect traditional marriage.

eBay changes its policies

April, 2005

Catholics were alarmed when a consecrated host appeared for sale on eBay. The host was allegedly consecrated by Pope John Paul II during a papal Mass in 1998. After eBay refused to remove the objectionable item, the TFP asked its subscribers to sign an online protest calling on eBay to remove the sacrilegious auction and change its policies. Although eBay refused to cooperate, the TFP organized two more waves of online protest, prompting customers to cancel their eBay accounts.

Victory: eBay eventually removed the sale and agreed to change its policies.

TFP in the Guinness Book of Records

June-October, 1990

The Soviet Union refused to recognize Lithuania's declaration to restore independence, signed on March 11, 1990. When Lithuania called for help, Western leaders cared little. Nevertheless, the U.S. TFP, along with other TFP's, collected 5,212,580 signatures for Lithuania's independence, a feat that was entered into the Guinness Book of Records in 1993 as the largest petition action in history. A delegation from the TFP presented the petitions to President Vytautas Landsbergis and met with the Lithuanian Parliament. This event strengthened Lithuania's resolve to fight on. A copy of the petitions was then personally delivered to Gorbachev's office in the Kremlin.

Victory: The TFP petition campaign for worldwide moral support helped Lithuania break free from communist occupation.

Denouncing French socialism

December, 1981

In 1981, socialists under French President Francois Mitterand hoped to conquer the world with a new political program: self-directed socialism. The TFP responded with a six-page exposé by Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira, which showed how socialism was reshaping communism. The TFP publication appeared in The Washington Post, titled, "What Does Self-Managing Socialism Mean for Communism: A Barrier? Or a Bridgehead?" It was published in 45 leading newspapers in 19 countries and a summary appeared in 49 other countries.

Victory: A global debate ensued. Like deflated balloons, the socialist leaders lost momentum. Mitterrand backed down. And French socialist economist Laurent Joffrin admitted, "what was socialist did not work and what worked was not socialist."
More recently, the British leftist Denis MacShane added, "The European left would rather keep Mitterrand locked up in the iron coffin of socialist leaders we'd rather not talk about."

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