Why TFP?


Tradition comes from the Latin tradere, which means to transmit. He who does not know where he came from, does not know where he is going either. A country without Tradition is like a man without personality: he allows himself to be led in the direction where strangers want him to go. Tradition is the legacy one generation leaves to another, giving it the ability to face the future. In this sense, tradition is synonymous with progress.


The actual germ cell of any society is the Family. It is being undermined by all means by our governments and the European Union. Defending the principles of the Family is essential to any return to order. It's the Family that gives stability to society and is the ideal climate for the formation of children.

Private Property

The Seventh and Tenth Commandments protect property. Private property links an object to a person. The property owner has the right to use, enjoy, and dispose of an object according to his discretion. Property also guarantees the stability of the family and it's the guarantee of freedom. If it is not respected, we will automatically be led by socialism. Without it, the individual and family would be at the mercy of the state. Together, these three values, tradition, family and property form a protective wall against Marxist, socialist, and communist ideology.

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The Echo of Fidelity and the Mission of the TFP